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Daesung's packaging container production business has accumulated knowhow for 35 years since 1982, and has settled us as a representative packaging container manufacturer in Korea. We will keep developing technologies to remain as a world central enterprise with specialty in packaging field.

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Daesung Co., Ltd. launches a new brand "COOK&LOCK"

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Daesung Co., Ltd. as a Korean leading company in the high class container field, ceaselessly has been striving for our motto "The Best Quality, The Highest Customer Satisfaction, Convenient Products, and Excellent Competitiveness," and has repeated growth in both of quantity & quality.

After established in 1982, Daesung Co., Ltd. moved to a new building and modernized high-tech facilities to enhance products than ever. Especially, we automated the entire production process to reduce cost and to maximize work efficiency, and also ultimately we are practicing more aggresive management practices and setting up more specific development tasks.

Also, not being satisfied with the present achivements, we will go ahead to cope with fast-changing living circumstance, through developing new models and manufacturing various eco-friendly goods each year.

With our new brand "COOK & LOCK", we are multiplying & segmenting our various models by size & use in daily life to meet diverse needs of customers, and that's how we expand our area not only within Korea also toward future global market.

To produce more convenient "COOK & LOCK" products, we will continue the pursuit of innovation based on our accumulated knowhow & stable system.

Thank you.

CEO of Daesung Co., Ltd.Oh, Inseok


The best infrastructure built on 35-year knowhow of multi-use packaging container manufature


Sanitation & Cleanliness secured by clean-room system, Automation of the entire production process including injection, molding, packaging


Daesung Co. Ltd., leaping to the world & to future in recognition from all over the world


Various product manufacture by uses, and segmentation of product size & quantity by customer needs

History of Daesung Co., Ltd.

Daesung Industry was established
Daesung Industry expanded & relocated(Automation system introduced)
Daesung International Co., Ltd. was established,
Specialized in food packaging containers manufacture
Daesung Co., Ltd. has been established
Daesung Co, Ltd. expanded & relocated (introduced latest high-tech facilities)
Plant 2 is under construction of expansion (Completed in April 2017)

Trademarks/Designs owned by Daesung Co., Ltd.

1 Design registration: Food storage (soup container)
1 Design registration: Food storage container
2 Trademark registrations: COOKLOCK, Jeopsinara (Dishland)
2 Design registrations: Food storage (steamed dish container), Knife for warp removal
1 Design registration: Food storage (rectangular container)
1 Design registration: Food storage (WOOJJAJJA)
1 Trademark registration: WOOJJAJJA
1 Design registration: Food storage (steamed dish container)
1 Design registration: Food storage (soup container)
6 Designs pending: 3 Food storage containers,
1 spoon, 1 molded WOOJJAJJA, 1 mold jjajang container
ISO 9001/ISO 14001 certification
Developed new products & researched on eco-friendly products
5 Designs pending
Launched 80 new products
50 new products launch planned

CI (Corporate Identity)

This CI was created based on the abbreviation of Daesung Co., Ltd. "DS", and adopted color of yellow and shape of thunder as the core image to represent that Daesung Co., Ltd. keeps going ahead toward technology development for packaging containers And shining pursuit of future values.


BI (Brand Identity)

This BI was created based on that this product group is packaging containers to "cook" food, to lock airtightly, and to keep intact. That is represented by red color which means ceaselessly infinite advance, and green color to depict an aspect of eco-friendly products.



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